scalp pigmentation

Good news for men as well as women who aren’t perfect happy with the fullness of their hair. This technique is perfect to camouflage baldness by suggesting a shaved look. Take 10 years off your age by suggesting a hairline. A hairline that was gone due to baldness. Also men and women who suffer from huge hairloss are very satisfied after this treatment because their appearance corresponds to how they were used to it before the discomfort started.

Prices are dependable on the situation, starting from €200 a session. Some situations like a person with hair only in the back and on the sides might need more sessions (2-3) with a rest-time of 2 weeks in between. Scalp pigmentation is permanent. It might need some touchup after many years, dependable on age, skintype and tone and lifestyle. It won’t disappear totally by itself but is easy to laser. Don’t be shy to get a consult in a privat setting.

Are you interested to see what micropigmentation can do for you, then I can show you by making a digital editted picture. The price for this picture is €100 which will be abducted from the amount of the last session in case you are booking this treatment.