Before you come by for an appointment, we ask you to read the following:

You are very welcome in our shop, but we have a number of rules that we appreciate being respected by our visitors, such as:

Come alone. Coming in for your 1st tattoo you might be a little nervous and want some support from someone you feel comfortable with, that's ok. However, don't come with the whole football team or your whole family because that is extremely disturbing .Bringing ONE person is allowed, but keep in mind that your tattoo will be more beautiful if you can connect well with your artist, so if you bring a jammer, it may be at the expense of the coolness of your session. If your supporter has a cold or is not feeling well, PLEASE don't force them to come with you anyway because it is very inconvenient for us to be infected with a cold or something like that..

Photographing: That is allowed IN CONSULTATION, but preferably not all the time and not of a tattoo that is not yet ready, that is disrespectful to the tattoo artist. When the session is over we will take a picture of the work and we are trying to send it to you the same day. Taking a picture of a fresh tattoo is very difficult because you have to deal with perspective, distortion, redness of the skin, and reflection of the light etc etc. We will do our utmost to make this as successful as possible so that you do not perform acrobatic tricks in front of the mirror.

Phone calls: Feel free to take your mobile phone with you, perhaps you can watch a nice show(with earplugs!) to create some distraction. Just make sure you mute the sound if you have a lot of friends who text all the time to ask if you're in pain, because all the time ringtones can be quite annoying for your artist.

Pets and children under the age of 16: no, not even under supervision. We love animals as well as children, but especially the latter generally cause too much distraction, making it difficult for us to do our job optimally.

Thanks for understanding.

Helma van der Weide

Tel :  0031 6 21 27 40 52 /0034641583337

Email: xxhelma@msn.com